Do you feel boxed in?  Do you feel stuck?  Break out by getting CENTERed!


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Character.  “I am _____; my dream is _____.”

What values will you have the courage to stand up for … when tested?

Will you choose to see dignity and greatness in yourself and others, rather than faults and shortcomings?

Will you choose to live with enthusiasm, rather than lethargy or apathy?


Entrepreneurship.  “I run smart experiments and take smart risks toward my dream of _____.”

Will you have the courage to innovate and change the rules of the game, risking time-money-effort?

Can you drink new input from a firehose – new people, new concepts, new information – and use it?

Will you take time to learn a community, so that you can recognize challenges and contribute?


owNership.  “Based on my Character, I choose _____, and then permit my agency to hustle, execute, and systemize my choices.”

Will you identify and create alternatives, and then choose?

After choosing, will you hustle, doing your “day job” but investing in your “ventures”?

Will you take charge of your own health, job, time, money, grades, attitudes … and act?


Tenacity.  “I will hold on in pursuing my vision of _____, amidst all obstacles.”

Will you be a “finisher”, holding on to the right things, even while getting pummeled or facing setbacks?

Will you commit to working “beyond fatigue”, when others will not?

Will you stop doing things that are leading to nowhere?


Excellence.  “I commit and focus hard work on gaining skill in _____.”

Will you work hard and focus on your strength for 10,000 hours, to become the best you can at your niche?

Will you pursue critique, so that you can learn how to improve?

Will you set your own high bar, beyond expectations?


Relationship.  “My family is _____; my home is _____.”

Will you sacrifice of yourself for others?

Will you engage others in what energizes you, rather than avoiding them altogether?

Will you celebrate, thank, and encourage?